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From America's #1 Pet and Child Safe Ice Melter, Safe Paw®, Comes the Sure Way To Get Traction on Ice and Snow.

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What is Traction Magic®?

The use of ice melters does not solve the problem of the need to immediately cross icy or snowy surfaces. So, in 2012, Gaia Enterprise, Inc. undertook the task of developing a product that could be safely spread on any surface and would provide instant ice traction while being guaranteed safe to handle.After experimenting with thousands of ingredients, Gaia has applied for the patent on its traction agent, Traction Magic®.

Traction Magic® is the only traction agent that works instantly, It could be used when your car is stuck, when you need to walk on walkways, driveways or decks.

We are so sure about the qualities of Traction Magic®that we can say with certainty:

  • Guaranteed Safe, Easy, and quick to apply
  • Guaranteed immediate tire traction
  • Guaranteed to give immediate sidewalk & driveway traction
  • Guaranteed pet & child safe
  • Guaranteed safe on uncured concrete, brick & stone
  • Guaranteed to work in all temperatures
  • Guaranteed to contain no salts or chemicals
Traction Magic Product

It's as easy as 1,2,3:

When driving

Stuck in the snow?
Apply Traction Magic®

When walking

Slipping / Falling?
Spread Traction Magic®
Walk Safely!

How Traction Magic® Works

A 2004 paper published in the American Physical Society addressed "Why Ice is slippery"*. The findings included that slipperiness results from the fact that there is a liquid layer present on its surface at temperatures down below -35°. As illustrated in the magnified image, Traction Magic® is a patent pending 2 part granule system: Consisting of all natural crystal granules that function as Absorbers and Grippers.
  1. The Absorbers first siphon up the liquid layer that's above the ice.
  2. The Grippers with their spike like ends, embed themselves into the ice sheet.
The Result: By applying Traction Magic® onto icy surfaces these all natural crystal granules absorb the the icy liquid layer and then embed themselves into the surface. Together, the embedded Grippers and Absorbers form a stable non-slip surface which is similar to that of sand paper. Thus providing traction for your shoes, tires and paws that travel on it.
*S. Engemann, H. Reichert, H. Dosch, J. Bilgram, V. Honkimäki, and A. Snigirev Phys. Rev. Lett. 92, 205701 - Published 17 May 2004
Traction Magic working

Who makes Traction Magic®?

Traction Magic® is manufactured by Gaia Enterprise, Inc. Gaia is the patent holder and manufacturer of the revolutionary ice melter Safe Paw®. Safe Paw® was the first ice melter that was environmentally safe and was guarateed safe to be used around people, children and pets while not damaging property. Up until 1987 when Safe Paw® was introduced, all ice melters were salt based. Those were not people or property-friendly. Safe Paw® is used by home owners, businesses, government, airport and construction sites.

Traction Magic® family of products

Traction Magic® is available in the following presentations that cover the consumer, commercial and industrial side of the market. We are sure that any of them will deliver the results needed for any application. Ton Totes (not pictured) are also available. Images are not scaled to real size.


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