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By Traction Magic
January 12, 2017
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With snowy weather overtaking much of the U.S. right now, ensure fleet drivers stay safe and slip free both while driving and when getting to and from their vehicles.

According to the makers of Traction Magic, a product that provides instant traction on ice and snow., a few easy precautionary steps regarding proper footwear and clothing, as well as vehicle-related traction aids, can help keep your drivers safe this winter.

Drivers should ensure they have the proper footwear and warm coats. Sometimes the shoes that look and work best inside are not the best on the ice and snow outside. A good trick is to have two pairs. One for the trip outside and one for inside once they arrive safely. Additionally, a fluffy, padded coat may help protect a driver in a fall. Additional foot traction can also be found in products made for all types and sizes of footwear.

 Next, advise drivers to "Step Prep":
  1. Inspect the walkway they will be using; be sure they know what they are walking on.
  2. Use something to create traction and absorb the moisture for walkways, such as Traction Magic.
  3. Walk like a penguin. (Ever see a penguin fall on the ice?) Advise drivers to spread their legs out and take short, deliberate steps.
  4. Put their phone in your their pocket. This free a driver's hands and helps them balance. And, if they do go down, a phone is less likely to crack if it’s protected in a pocket, or go flying out of reach when in need.
  5. Watch for black ice if melting has begun.
  6. Use hand railings where available.
  7. Watch out for wet, slippery floors at building entrances and exits.

Finally, know how to handle Cold Car Care:

  1. Carry a traction aid, such as Traction Magic, which provides instant traction for feet and tires on the ice and snow.
  2. Keep an ice scraper in vehicles.
  3. Have drivers keep a fresh, dry pair of socks and gloves, and if possible, hand warmers.
  4. A warm blanket, bottled water, and snacks should also be on hand in case driver's get stuck in their car.

After a super snowy winter in the Northwest, one Work Truck editor put the traction aid, Traction Magic, to the test, and recommends utilizing such products whenever snow or ice may impede vehicle traction.

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