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Anti Skid Road Material

What You Need To Know About The Anti-Skid Road Material

Walking or driving on snowy roads can be dangerous due to the slipperiness of the ice. In order to avoid the consequences associated with slipping or skidding in the snow, an anti-skid road material has been developed. This material provides an instant traction when applied to the road surface.

This material was developed after years of extensive research on how to prevent ice slipperiness on roads, and it was formulated with all ingredients that can provide absorptions and gripping.

How does anti-skid road material work?

When the road is covered in snow, the anti-skid material is applied on the road surface to create tire tracks. The material, thus, creates an immediate tire traction for your car tires and the road surface, which in turn prevents your car from skidding off the road.

It can also be applied to walkways to prevent people from slipping. Once the agent is applied to the walkway, you can easily and comfortably walk on it without slipping because the material makes the walkways non-slippery by providing traction for your shoes and the walkway.

Characteristics of an anti-skid road material

The agent has the following characteristics:

Instant traction

This road agent or material provides an instant result. Once you apply the material to the road, you instantly notice the traction. You do not have to spend a few minutes in the snow while waiting for a result because with this agent, the result is immediate.

 Available in different sizes

Anti-skid road agent is available in various sizes, such as; 2.5 Lbs/1.135 Kg, 15 Lbs/6.8 Kg, 35 Lbs/15.9 Kg, and 45 Lbs/20.41 Kg (depending on the purpose for which it is needed). Whichever size you want, you will always find because there is always the availability of stock.


The material is environmentally-friendly and very safe. That is, it does not pose health hazards to both people and pets.

Easy to apply

This chemical is extremely easy to apply. You do not need any formal or informal training in order to use the chemical. All you just have to do when you are stuck on an icy road is to apply it on the road and drive your car or walk on it. Yes, it is that simple!

Contains no industrial chemical

As potent and effective as this material is, it has no salts and chemicals in it, just the regular absorber and gripper ingredients.

Works on all concrete and paving

The material is highly effective on concrete roads, asphalt roads, brick and stone driveway and walkway paving, and so on.

All temperature compatible

This material can be used at any temperature. Despite being used in the winter; one very positive characteristic of this material is that it is compatible with all types of weather temperatures. Therefore, you do not have to wait until winter before you can buy it.

The above are some of the characteristics of anti-skid road agents or materials.

In conclusion, anti-skid road material is a very good and innovative product because it prevents the challenges and hassles of driving on icy roads and/or walking on icy walkways. It is strongly recommended for everyone, and it is safe and chemical-free.


Anti Skid Road Material
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