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Traction Magic knows that consumers are looking for a road salt substitute that meets their high demands- and doesn’t bring with it any of the disadvantages that other products do. That’s why they’ve designed, patented and manufactured the perfect road salt substitute that is safe for family, pets and all of your home surfaces.
Traditional road salt has many disadvantages, and often calls for a road salt substitute. Some of the disadvantages of using road salt include
- Road salt can damage your vehicle. The more road salt that your vehicle comes into contact with, the rustier it will get. 
- Road salt can damage traffic infrastructures, such as bridges, parking garages, railroads and other infrastructures related to public transportation. This type of damage costs the highway industries an average of $3.5 - $7 billion annually, just in the US.
- Road salt damages the environment. With just one teaspoon of salt able to pollute a five gallon bucket of water, imagine how much road salt is being laid down on the roads during winter. Imagine the negative affects on your yard, your driveway, your garden and other home environments.
- Road salt damages and kills plant-life, inhibits the nutrient intake for plants, and causes salt-resistant invasive species to proliferate..
The solution? A road salt substitute- but not just any. Most products on the market that are marketed as road salt substitutes contain chemicals that are not safe to use around your children and pets, not to mention your yard surfaces, plants and gardens. There’s a great need for a road salt substitute that provides a safe solution. That’s where Traction Magic comes in!
Traction Magic is the one and only road salt substitute on the market that works instantly to provide a solution to icy and snowy surfaces that need to be traversed. All other products require that you apply them, and wait for them to work, by going inside to a warm environment and patiently going about other business until the snow or ice has melted. Most of the time, this is a poor solution. 
Too often, busy people are not able to wait for a road salt substitute to completely melt surfaces. After all, you need to get to work on time, or the market, or to school. This is how slips and falls occur on the ice. Consumers just don’t have time to wait for road salt substitutes- they need a better product.
Traction Magic is that product- and provides instant traction over all snowy and icy surfaces. It can be used when you need to talk on icy walkways, driveways, decks or other icy or snowy surfaces, or when you need to get your vehicle unstuck. Traction Magic is so certain about the qualities of their product that it is guaranteed:
- Safe, easy and quick to apply
- To provide immediate tire traction
- To give immediate sidewalk and driveway traction
- Pet and child safe
- Safe on uncured concrete, brick and stone
- To work in all temperatures
- To contain no salts or chemicals
Get the safe, immediate winter traction you need to get through the winter, from Traction Magic. Nothing else is like it! You can purchase Traction Magic directly from the website, with free shipping throughout all of the US, when you visit
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PO Box 220 Southampton, PA 18966

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