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Non Slip Material

Prevent Slips And Accidents With A Non-Slip Material Or Snow Removal Tools

With the presence of snow all around you, ice and snow removal counts as one of the most common tasks business owners and homeowners have to do regularly. For some business owners, having slippery walkways could be the first of many mistakes that could lead to an unwanted lawsuit or unwanted expenditures in the aftermath of an accident. And with proper consideration, an appropriate option for handling the snow is left for you to choose. Below are a couple of non-slip materials removal methods for you to use.

Chemical Deicers

These are topical treatments for sidewalks, driveways, and walkways; they are usually sprinkled over chunks of ice to encourage quick melting. But not all of these chemical deicers work well for cooler temperatures, and some of them might be harmful to plants and animals. Chemical deicers make a good non-slip material for walkways.

These chemical deicers are easy to apply seeing as they only need to be sprinkled to serve their purpose. Chemical deicers like potassium chloride are less harmful to nearby vegetation than calcium chloride which also requires reapplication and clean up.

If you prefer to use natural deicers to avoid causing harm to plant and pets, that’s fine as well. However, they might be costlier than the chemical deicers. The natural deicers will also require cleanup and reapplication from time to time.


When avoiding slips on the walkways, some business owners and homeowners simply look to increase the traction in those areas by adding a non-slip material or a couple of non-slip materials like wood chips, sand, kitty litter, and straws. These materials effective add more traction to places where slipping on snow are more likely to occur.

A typical example of a non-slip material you can use for traction like sand provides grip for slippery surfaces. Some might look unsightly, but they do the job. Wood chips are easier to clean up than sand.

Mechanical Force

Using force or doing strenuous physical labor to get rid of a slippery snow or ice may be optional, but it does have its advantages. When you are limited by time and your ability to physically tackle other chores around the house, going manual may be the best option you have to get rid of ice and snow.

To effectively do this, you need to be equipped with snow removing tools. These tools come in various shapes and sizes and accommodate different needs. You can opt for machines, or you can get a shovel to do the job. Getting a machine means you will only use it for a short while and then store it up for the rest of the year.

As part of efforts to reduce the risk of slipping you can also include artificial heating solutions to your walkways. You can install heated mats underneath walkways so you won’t have to worry about slipping in the future. However, this may not be as cheap as other traditional methods of removing ice and snow from potential slippery areas of your living space.


Non Slip Material
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