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How To Prevent Slipping On Ice

If you’re like most people who live in areas where winter brings snow and ice, you’re interested in learning how to prevent slipping on the ice. Slips and falls on the ice in the winter cause serious injury and sometimes even death. Not all rock salt substitutes or ice melts work very well, and consumers are looking for better ways to keep from sustaining injuries due to falls on the ice.
Traction Magic has created and patented a product that is unlike anything else out there. Their road salt substitute actually provides instant traction over ice and snow, so that consumers can traverse icy surfaces without having to wait for the ice to melt. This is a great advantage over other ice melt products that have to be applied, and then given time to work.
Traction Magic works by taking advantage of the liquid ice layer that rests on the surface of ice. Its patented liquid absorbers work to begin absorbing the layer, and its grippers embed into the surface of the ice, providing instant traction that can be walked on immediately. Together, the absorbers and grippers work to form a stable, non-slip surface, sort of like sand paper, giving you the ability to safely traverse icy surfaces! If you want to know how to prevent slipping on the ice, Traction Magic is the answer.
If your vehicle is stuck in the snow, apply Traction Magic and you’ll have instant traction to drive out of the snow. If your walkway or driveway is iced over, spread Traction Magic and walk safely over the surface to get where you need to go. It’s really that easy!
Experts offer these tips for how to prevent slipping on the ice:
- Avoid walking in the street or near the street, as vehicles are prone to slipping and sliding on the ice.
- Keep a low center of gravity
- Remember that ice can easily hide under snow, so bend your knees and take shorter steps
- If forced to use the steps away from home, walk slow and take short steps when descending.
- Be aware of overhead hazards. Falling ice and chunks of snow can pose a serious risk!
Traction Magic is the perfect gift for someone looking for answers on how to prevent slipping on the ice. In fact, Traction Magic makes a thoughtful gift for a family member or friend. Traction Magic guarantees their product is:
- Pet and child safe
- Easy, quick and safe to apply
- Safe on brick, stone and uncured concrete
- Contains no salts or chemicals
- Works in every temperature
- Provides tire traction instantly
- Provides traction on sidewalks and driveways
Now you can order Traction Magic directly from the manufacturer, at, with free shipping to any address in the US. 
Take back the winter, with Traction Magic’s instant winter traction, and enjoy peace of mind when you have to go out in the ice or snow. If you want to know how to prevent slipping on the ice, it’s simple- use Traction Magic.
How To Prevent Slipping On Ice
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