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Non Slip Coating Tips To Protect Your Family When Winter Comes

Winter is full of joy and happiness, but it's also full of snow and possible accidents. The last thing you want is to have someone get injured on your property because of a slip. You, your children and your visitors are all at a higher risk to slip and fall accidents during winter because of the accumulation of snow. It is your responsibility to reduce the chances by using non slip coating and other forms of protection around your home.

Most slip and fall accidents happen on the deck. Caring for this part of the compound should be given priority during the winter.

Keeping Your Deck Safe During Winter

1) Use A Non slip Coating

Smooth and slick surfaces are always visually appealing on your deck. However, the smoother a surface gets, the higher the chances of slip and fall accidents occurring. If you want to protect your deck, you should make the texture more subtle by using a non slip coating. This will give your shoes a better grip. There are different non slip finishes available in the market. They could either be in the form of vanishes or paints that include little acrylic or concrete. Make sure the product you choose is safe for the wood on your deck.

2) Clean, Clean, Clean

It's true that moisture from ice makes your home more slippery. However, it is not necessarily the accumulation of moisture that causes it. It is the accumulation of moss, algae, and mold caused by moisture. So, when you keep your deck clean, you will reduce the growth of organic matter. Clean your deck regularly to keep it free from mold.

3) Use Non-slip Strips or Mats

A quick fix to a slippery surface is placing a non-slip mat on it on places with high traffic. However, mats should only be used when you want to cover a little portion of your deck. Non-slip strips are better options for creating traction because they are more secure. You can add them to the high risk areas. Go for non-slip strips that can be screwed to your deck.

4) Use Non-slip Substances

Some substances are formulated specifically for making surfaces rough and preventing slip and fall accidents. Most of these substances can also be used in your driveway to protect your car from slipping while you drive. Simply purchase a high-quality product and spread it on the surface before you walk or drive.


Safety is everything. The cost for treating injuries or paying personal injury compensations is nothing compared to the cost of taking preventive measures. Keep your house safe for everyone by employing these safety measures. They can help reduce the chances of slip and fall accidents on your deck and around the house. However, keep in mind that some conditions may be too hazardous. These methods may not be effective in such cases. The best thing to do will be to stay away from your deck as much as you can. If your deck is becoming too much of a risk, replacing it might be your best bet for keeping everyone safe.


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