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Non Skid Material

The Worst And The Best Of Non-Skid Material For Problems With Ice And Snow

In winter the presence of ice and snow will inevitably lead to accidents and falls whether on the road, sidewalk or in the park or playground. The faster a slippery patch can be made safe the better. Unfortunately, this can lead to people making some unhelpful mistakes. All could be avoided using a non-skid material.

One of the silliest mistakes was when a council employee took it into his head to solve the problem of ice on a slippery town square. He had the bright idea of using hot water. It turned Oxford’s Bonn Square in the UK into an ice rink! Hot water is a dangerous answer to an icy road or pavement. It cools down and turns into ice!

Then there are those who swear by kitty litter to make their driveway safe. It is true that in an emergency, a bag of kitty litter can help a driver gain traction for their tires, but think about it. Kitty litter is in effect, a kind of clay. Sooner or later it will dissolve into a slick and slippery mess which may then freeze and become as much a hazard as the ice it originally covered. Kitty litter is really best for kitties.

There are other common non-skid solutions to icy patches.

Throwing sand on an icy road is another temporary solution that may become a problem After a few vehicles have passed the sand may well start to blow about adding the possibility of a man-made sandstorm to the already hazardous conditions.

Salt might seem a better option, but this can be bad for the environment even if it seems a good short-term solution. Rock salt is often used, but this is extremely bad for the garden and plants in it. In fact, there are laws in some country forbidding you spreading salt on someone else’s land for this reason. Your driveway probably slopes towards your grass which will suffer as the salt dissolves and runs towards it, as will the animals who eat the high salt content in what remains of it. While salt may make your pathway safe it doesn’t make sense to destroy your garden.

Sadly, heated roads such as those found in Japan unlikely to appear in the US anytime soon. Even if we had them there would be plenty of areas made hazardous by ice and snow. We are reliant on salt and grit spreaders for our safety on the highway at the moment, but we can at least do our bit by making sure what we use for smaller areas is safe.

Better by far to have an instant solution that you can use wherever the problem is. The best is fast, effective, won’t harm the environment or your children and pets and has great traction for car tires or pedestrians alike. It will work on any surface and save you a lot of bother. Thankfully, it is also fairly inexpensive.

Available in a roll that you can use immediately. Non-skid material from is the winter accessory you need in both your car and garden shed while the weather is bad.


Non Skid Material
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