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Prevent Slipping On Ice

Traction Magic will provide instant traction over all icy and snowy surfaces and prevent you from slipping on the ice. No other salt alternative or ice melt can do what Traction Magic can do, because nothing else is like it.
Consumers have been searching for a way to conquer the ice for a long time- and until now, nothing has been able to deliver the results consumers need during winter months. You see, nothing really addresses the real concern, of how to gain traction on the ice- not just sit around waiting for it to melt.
Ice melts are fine for consumers who have nothing better to do. Traction Magic knows you have plenty of things you’d rather be doing than waiting for your ice melt to work! That’s why their product offers instant traction, letting you safely walk or drive across the snow or ice to get where you’re going. For walkways, driveways and other yard surfaces, nothing can prevent slipping on the ice, like Traction Magic.
How does it work? Traction Magic is a 2-part granule system consisting of all-natural crystal granules that work to absorb and grip. Absorbers work to absorb the thin layer of liquid ice that lies on the surface of ice. Grippers have spike-like ends that actually embed themselves into the ice sheet. The results- immediate traction over icy surfaces so that you can walk or drive your way through. 
If you have to walk across icy or snowy walkways or driveways, apply Traction Magic and it will prevent slipping on the ice. If your vehicle is stuck in the snow, spread Traction Magic and drive your way out.
You’ll be able to prevent slipping on the ice or snow, with a product that is guaranteed to be a safe alternative to rock salt and ice melt products. There are no chemicals or salt in Traction magic, and it is 100% safe to use in homes that have pets and children. You’ll gain immediate tire, shoe and paw traction with Traction Magic. The product is guaranteed to work in all temperatures, and is safe for your yard surfaces, such as driveways, yards and gardens. There’s no dangerous effects after a rain, like with salt or chemical products.
Traction Magic will prevent slipping on the ice in your home or work environment. The manufacturer sells a variety of sizes to meet different needs. You can purchase Traction Magic in a 35 pound pail, perfect for facilities, a 15 pound bucket with a bonus refillable personal dispenser, or a travel size 2.5 pound jug, ideal for cars and portable use.
You can find Traction Magic available directly from the website at Shipping is free within the US. If you’d like to speak with someone from Traction Magic, please call 800-783-7841, and let one of their experts answer your questions. We know you’ll feel confident that Traction Magic is the right product to prevent slipping on the ice during winter months. 
Prevent Slipping On Ice
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