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Winter Road Salt Alternatives

Are you checking out winter road salt alternatives? Many consumers are, once they discover what road salt does to their home yard surfaces and grounds. The problem with many winter road salt alternatives is that they contain a lot of chemicals that aren’t safe for your home environment either- and do little to really solve your problem.
Consumers understand that salts don’t meet the immediate need- but buy them because there’s really not much else on the market- or at least there wasn’t, until now. Traction Magic is the only product that addresses the problem of traversing over ice and snow- immediately, not later on once you’ve waited for it to melt.
For instant winter traction, nothing works like Traction Magic. Other winter road salt alternatives have to be applied, and then take time to start working. The best they can do is eventually melt the ice and snow so that you can walk through- or drive your vehicle through. Not Traction Magic. There’s no waiting. Its patented 2 part system lets you walk or drive safely over icy and snowy surfaces!
The slipperiness of ice is due to a thin layer of liquid ice that forms over the surface, making it extremely dangerous to walk or drive on. Traction Magic takes advantage of this liquid layer, with absorbers that immediately work to start absorbing the liquid, while simultaneously, grippers work to attach into the ice, with spike-like ends that embed into icy surfaces. These all-natural crystal granules form a stable and non-slip surface that provides traction for shoes, paws and tires. The non-slip surface is similar to that of sandpaper.
There’s no waiting around to guess how long it will take to melt the snow or ice- and Traction Magic works in all temperatures, guaranteed. Other winter road salt alternatives only work down to a certain temperature and then fail to produce results.
Perhaps the best feature of Traction Magic is that it is all-natural, and safe to use around pets, children and your home environments, such as gardens, driveways and other yard surfaces. Traction magic guarantees that their product:
- Is safe, easy and quick
- Provides instant tire traction
- Gives instant sidewalk and driveway traction
- Is safe for pets and children
- Safe on brick, stone and uncured concrete
- Works in all temperatures
- Contains no chemicals or salts
Most winter rock salt alternatives contain harsh chemicals that you wouldn’t want to use around your family or on your yard surfaces. Some of these chemicals can include Potassium chloride, Calcium chloride, and Potassium acetate. Why apply chemicals when you don’t have to?
Traction Magic is the ideal in winter road salt alternatives, and will give you the peace of mind you deserve during the winter months, ensuring that you aren’t stuck in your home due to ice or snow, when you have to get to work, school or town. 
Purchase Traction Magic directly from the website, at, and your product will ship for free. If you have questions about Traction Magic, please call 800-783-7841, and a specialist will be happy to answer your questions.
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