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Traction Magic is one of the best rock salt alternatives on the market today, and offers a wide range of advantages over rock salt products for winter traction. You see, the problem that needs solving is not merely one of melting the ice and snow- the real problem is finding a product that can provide instant traction over all icy surfaces, instantly.
While rock salt is often one of the first products consumers reach for when they need to melt through ice and snow, it’s really not the best product to meet the needs of consumers- and it brings with it a host of disadvantages besides.
Ask yourself this question, when considering rock salt alternatives: Are you willing to apply the product, and then sit inside and wait hours for it to take affect? Unless you have nothing else to do, the answer to this question is almost always: No! Yet consumers have been doing just that for a long time, never realizing there’s a product on the market that puts all rock salt alternatives in the back seat. Traction Magic is absolutely different than anything else out there on the market.
What makes Traction Magic different? It provides instant traction over all icy and snowy surfaces. It doesn’t melt ice and snow while you go elsewhere and wait for the product to work. Traction Magic works uniquely to provide immediate traction in the following way:
First, it must be understood that the slipperiness of ice is due to the fact that there is a thin layer of liquid on the surface of ice. It’s this liquid layer that causes slips and falls over ice. Traction Magic is a two-part system that first, contains absorbers that absorb this liquid layer, and second contains grippers that embed themselves into the ice sheet, providing traction. Traction Magic’s all-natural crystal granules absorb the liquid ice and grab the surface, providing winter traction like no rock salt alternative can provide.
You’re able to walk, drive or traverse over all winter surfaces instantly, with Traction Magic. The absorbers and grippers form a stable, non-slip surface which is similar to that of sand paper, providing traction for shoes, tires and paws.
Best of all- Traction Magic is all-natural, making it safe for pets and children. Not all rock salt alternatives can say that! Traction Magic is manufactured by Gaia Enterprises, the patent holder and manufacturer of Safe Paw, the first ice melter that was environmentally safe, and also safe to be used around people, children and pets, without damaging property.
Not all rock salt alternatives are alike! In fact, nothing is like Traction Magic. For your home, your car or your business, keep an appropriate sized container at your fingertips. Visit, and order right from the company, with free shipping offered anywhere in the US.
Don’t let the winter get ahead of you- be prepared for anything it can throw at you! Traction Magic will make all of your winter travel safer. 
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